We are a small diverse community in the Westmoreland neighborhood in Portland. We are following, to the best we know how, the simple and profound teachings of Jesus. We believe that Jesus died and rose from death. We believe he is who he and his early followers say that he was: the actual Son of God. It's one thing to think Jesus is God, and that he is our best teacher, but he has also told us that he's our friend. If this is true, it is radical, wonderful and completely life-changing. 

Because we believe that Jesus in all his power and his love really desires the best for us, we choose to give up our own self-determination and let Jesus help us change to become more like him. This is a personal process for each of us, and we're learning, listening, laughing and doing life differently everyday. We commit to loving God and loving others. We don't need to build our own empires since Jesus cares for us, and so we are trying to let go of what we have been trained to think we need so that we can lift others up by participating in renewal for our neighborhoods, our city and the world.  

Worship Service Update: We are meeting via zoom until further notice. We eagerly anticipate a return to the building in June, more details soon!

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