We are a small diverse community in the Westmoreland neighborhood in Portland. Our shared vision is to follow the challenging and profound teachings of Jesus. We believe that Jesus died and rose from death and is the living Son of God as evidenced His words, by supernatural miracles and eye witness accounts recorded in the Bible.

We believe that Jesus in all his power and all his love desires the best for us. He said he is our friend. If this is true, it is not just wonderful, but radical and life-changing. No longer do we need to build our own empires. Jesus is the King of all people. As a community we agree to give up our self-determination to Jesus and let Him help us change to become more like him. 

Jesus was committed to loving God and loving others. So are we. This is a personal and communal process, and we're learning, listening, laughing and doing life differently everyday. In fits and starts we are trying to let go of what we have been trained to think and are laying down our lives to participate in renewal for our neighborhoods, our city and the world.  

Worship Service Update: We will be returning to in-person worship 10am each Sunday starting June 6. Click here for details on what to expect. In the meantime, sign up below to join us via zoom. We look forward to seeing you!

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