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    sunday worship

    When: Sunday morning at 10am we gather to worship together and hear the Word of God spoken, sung and shared. 

    Where: 1648 SE Ellis St. Portland, OR 97202

    What to expect: Our desire is to become more like Jesus in our daily life, and so we desire to create a community and space where Jesus’s way is our way. Come as you are. We welcome all. No exceptions. A typical gathering service includes reading from the Bible, singing together and a teaching where one of our leaders guides us through God’s Word. During this service, we make time to connect over coffee. We love kids too. During the teaching, we have separate kid's classrooms with the purpose of growing our children’s love for God and his goodness. Our community grows and learns together. After the main teaching, there is always an informal question and answer time. Service runs about 80 minutes.