Jon Betz has lived in Portland for 13 years. He has pastored Citizens Church since 2019 and joined the elder team in 2015. Prior to pastoring, Jon worked for a decade as a documentary filmmaker, producing and directing two environmental feature films. Jon loves storytelling, teaching, doing life in community and watching God grow His people. He and his wife Megan have three kids and reside in a 1948 post-war "bungalow" (quotes intentional) in the shade of their backyard maple in the Montavilla neighborhood.

When not reading about and appreciating God's historic church and the wealth of wisdom from lives lived before him, teaching, raising his kids, and enjoying his church community, Jon hangs a sign as a documentary film consultant at

To reach Citizen's Pastor, Jon Betz e-mail jon.betz [ at ]


Our church follows the biblical model of elders (1 Timothy 3,5 & Titus 1). This means that there is typically multiple leaders, who are actively building community and leading others. This group helps craft vision, teach at worship gatherings and handle the big picture of the church. Right now we are in the process of searching for a second elder to contribute to this vision. 


Deacons are the practical leaders of our community. From scripture, they are called to assist in the physical and emotional needs of people. Our deacons are interested in hearing from you if someone has trouble paying a bill, needs a meal brought to them because of illness or emergency, needs prayer, or has a sensitive matter to discuss. Contact them here.