What is discipleship?

It may sound like an odd term, but its a simple concept. Think of an apprentice, or a skilled laborer who has lived in their way of life for decades. If you and I were attempting to figure out a new way of living, a new way of thinking, and a new way of giving life we may want to seek someone who has traveled the road before us. This Jesus talks a great deal about having a new source for existing and a new lifestyle that comes with faith. Once we identify with what he says, we must seek a clear understanding of how he asks us to act because of our new identity. 

Since for most of our lives we lived out of our own ambition, and this Jesus has asked us to live for others, we need a little coaching and some outside perspective to help us continue living in a manner consistent with the Gospel. A disciple is someone who says I want to hear more of what this Jesus says about me and allow others to ask me how they can help make this happen.

Its called a Cohort because its a group of people together asking simple questions; What is this Jesus up to in your life? What needs to be clarified about him? What can we help with in order to have you hear him clearly? How can we as a community support you as you hear more of him? 

Many voices help ensure that we can accurately hear and know what that is, which is why we meet in groups. Typically, we ask clarifying questions to a make sure the true issue is the item being addressed, not behavioral modification. 

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