Gospel Community

When: One Friday a Month

What: Dinner. Serving. Community. 

Gospel Communities are another form of Gatherings. The book we call the Bible has told us that our faith does not simply address a need for a social club but offers a completely different way of life. It is not one option to feed a need of morals, ethics, or connection, but rather is a alternative way to interact. Based on this, we make sure to meet together outside of a building we typically think of as a church to eat together, ensuring we know each other's families, our hurts, our hang ups, our joys, and our celebrations. We host a meal without any teaching or singing as because the Church is a community following what this Jesus says of every aspect of life. When he says "eat a meal together" and "sit in homes and discuss my words to you" we follow it. Sometimes these Gatherings involve celebrating someone getting a new job, welcoming a new baby into the family, or mourning together the loss of a family member. We supply the food and the place to come together, you supply an opportunity for us to engage with as many people as we can.  If you would like to visit a Gospel Community Dinner let us know here.