We are a community based on, and enthralled with the Gospel. The Gospel is everything to us, as Jesus has said it should be.

The Gospel is based on the life of Jesus, that we now know as part of the Trinity, precisely how and why He lived. 

I must admit that even when I am at my best, my most honorable, I actually am looking out for myself more than anyone else. It's not a good idea to structure a life solely on one simple human, especially me. My motives are not as admirable as I would like. So, I need to have someone else tell me the motivation to live and love. 

Jesus tells us continually that he would do something for us that no one else could do, and because of it, we no longer need to live only for ourselves. He tells us that we are completely loved, always accepted, and received entirely by The Father. He would make sure we knew this and permanently make it real by living, dying, and rising again. 

We live and move and breath because of what he has said of us. We serve because we were so served by Jesus. We love it because we find all the love we ever need in Jesus. We live in a real community together because Jesus gives us the best community with Him.

Once we see that we would never choose complete and absolute love on our own, that only Jesus could give it to us, we readily want others to have the community we have. 

This means we aim to be a community that makes true the best things we could imagine. We want a community of grace saturated relationships. A place that is for others, not for self. 

We can now serve humbly, accept completely, and love unending as Citizens for the King who wants the best for all now.