We are a community that lives by the good news (Gospel) of Jesus. Jesus shared good news that provides the perspective and blueprint we need in order to live well with God, the planet, and others. We believe Jesus’s good life is a life full of true meaning, purpose, love and sacrifice which holds tremendous power for social renewal. We also accept the expectation that Jesus’s good news will radically re-orient our life.

Even when we’re at our best, we often find that we’re still looking out for our own self-interest more than anything else. With such a flawed and hypocritical record, we make a poor central authority for our own lives. Jesus’s lived in complete integrity, as both fully God and fully human. He lived what he spoke, even into death and resurrected life on the other side. We believe this demonstrates and proves the validity of all he said. As a result, for the community following Jesus, we throw up our hands and admit we can’t come close to the same level of integrity. Therefore, we make it a practice to give up our own sense of what’s best, and adopt the unified way of living revealed in Jesus. 

The unified way of Jesus has been faithfully recorded and divinely revealed to us through the entirety of the ancient writings collected into the Bible–which have their center in Jesus’s life. In them, Jesus tells us that we are created by a loving God, completely loved (even in our darkest moments) by God, and called back into God’s love with an open door policy. Even when we find we’ve run away. The world offers many incomplete versions of “the good life”. God gives s the freedom to choose which “good life” we will follow–though he is clear that this good life offered by Jesus is the only one that lasts beyond this life as we know it.

Jesus’s better way has astounding ramifications for our personal lives and our communal lives. Personally it provides incredible hope and peace. In regards to our personal wrongs, if we take Jesus’s words as true–then in the truest cosmic sense there is no condemnation that is beyond redemption for the Jesus follower. In our culture, this feels like particularly hopeful! In regards to the wrongs of others, Jesus’s way also provides a deep sense of justice, since there will (and must) be eternal consequence for those that chose at their core to not live by a just and loving rule to others articulated and overseen by the all-loving God.

In human law, we are bound to failure in truth and grace, judgement and forgiveness. For we do not know the innermost heart of ourselves of our neighbor. But God does. In the cosmic law of God–even the worst of us, when we give up our life of injustice, can find true and practical hope. Communally then, since we cannot judge with any finality, the Jesus way is revolutionary. It levels the playing field on social status, race, gender, identity, age, life circumstances, health issues, disability. The good news of Jesus is available to all, and requires the same total obedience and complete faith and trust from all peoples, no matter their walk of life. God’s word, not humankind is the steering mechanism for all–and we form a beloved community together in this journey, we call this the church.