Our community serves in the neighborhood of Sellwood-Moreland, our own home neighborhoods through school and volunteer work. As a church we also serve the larger city by collaborating with our service partners Portland Rescue Mission and SOLVE.

Portland Rescue Mission shares the Word of God and demonstrates the love of Christ to transform the lives of people experiencing homelessness or addiction. They have a number of programs, including a downtown Homeless Shelter on Burnside, Men's and Women's Live-in Addiction Recovery programs (New Life Ministries' The Harbor, and Shepherd's Door), and community homes which provide transitional support and vocational training.

Our church is partnering to support the women at Shepherd's door by providing and serving meals and facilitating kid-friendly activities to grow positive relationships with those in recovery.

SOLVE is a local non-profit whose mission is to bring Oregonians together to improve our environment and build a legacy of stewardship. SOLVE restores and preserves Oregon’s environment by mobilizing the power of volunteers and partners with the generosity of donors. Across the state, they bring diverse communities together to improve the health and safety of our neighborhoods and natural areas including our coast, rivers, parks, and forests.

We collaborate with SOLVE by joining litter cleans ups around the city.