Worship Services gather on Sunday, 10am at 1648 SE Ellis St. Portland, OR 97202

We love to get together as a community. Sunday Gatherings are for everyone, without exception. Here are some questions you should ask yourself about our Gatherings:

Why call it a Gathering? 

We call our time together on Sunday mornings a "Gathering" because we believe that communities who are all about Jesus, practice meeting together in all sorts of ways. Some of them are dinners, others are times of learning, and still, others are in service to others. Each one of those occasions is what we call the Church (or the community of people who are all about this Jesus guy) gathering, because ultimately the Church is defined by what Christ says of his people, and people Gather in many different ways. Sunday is our Worship Gathering. 

What will happen while I am there?

Before the Gathering officially begins, grab a cup of coffee or tea and talk to someone for a bit. The service starts with someone reading from a book we call the Bible. Typically its a poem or lyrics to a song that is meaningful for that Gathering from the text of our faith. You can expect to have someone play a musical instrument as together we sing a few songs we call worship. Someone will then read out of that book called the Bible once more, the scripture that the sermon is based on for the morning. On the 3rd Sunday of each month, we participate in a practice called communion, where we remember this Jesus and what he did for us by taking a piece of broken bread and dipping it in the cup that reminds us the way in which Jesus says, "I have done everything for you to live". Stay for a little bit as we participate in a time of Questions and Answers where you can ask any questions about the section of scripture or the sermon, we will answer best we can. 

What is expected of me?

Come dressed in attire that you feel comfortable in, this is our typical way to do so; jeans, t-shirt, sometimes a button up shirt for the preacher. If you are accustomed to a suit or dress, feel free. If you would prefer your weekend t-shirt and comfortable pants, that's fine as well. 

You are not expected to take of communion if you are not of faith, as a matter of fact, we encourage you not to. It's an essential aspect for those who follow Christ, and we wouldn't want to impose that significance onto you. You can sing if you wish to, or observe if you prefer.