If you want to speak to Pastor Clint Shamblin, please email here. Clint has been with Citizens since the start. He and his family, his wife Haley and he have three children, are thrilled to be part of the community. 

If you need to speak to him about a particular issue; spiritual, emotional, physical needs, or the like, he will enjoy chatting with you. To contact Clint, please do so


Our church follows the biblical model of Elders. This means that there is a plurality of leaders, many voices, who are actively building community and leading others. This group helps craft vision, preach at Gatherings, and handle the big picture of the church. 

This group meets twice a month to discuss and pray for the church. If you would like to contact them, please email here and the Elder Team will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Deacons are the very practical leaders of our community. From scripture, they are called to assist in the physical and emotional needs of people.  They are the group to speak to if someone has trouble paying a bill, needs a meal brought to them because of illness or emergency, wants to be added to our prayer time, or has a more sensitive matter to discuss. Deacons are marked by their service for the specific needs of those who are part of the community. Contact them here.